New Material / Concert Time!

Disclaimer: None of these pictures and Videos are mine, all credit goes to their proper owner. I am not getting paid to promote any of these places, hotels, or shows. I am only doing this to help travelers get an idea of what they might want to do, or where they might want to go. Enjoy!  

Taking a break from the Big City I recently went to a concert. It was me and my friends birthday month and she wanted to go see Machine Gun Kelly the rapper. He was touring with Fallout Boy and I decided instead of getting her a sweat shirt, that I would get her an experience. So I bought the tickets (very last minute) and that weekend we would go to the concert. We live in Massachusetts and this concert was two hours away in Connecticut, so as a good friend I drove us down to the event.

Now I personally can say I am not a die hard fan of either of these artists. I don’t really listen to Machine Gun Kelly, unless my fiend plays it in her car. As for Fallout Boy I was a big fan when I was a kid but I don’t really follow them like I did (don’t really follow artists at all). Don’t get me wrong, I know there music and my thirteen year old self would die if she new I went to their concert. Lets just say that I was solely going for the purpose for my friend to see MGK.

The concert was at Mohegan Sun. Now I have never been there before and didn’t realize how humungous this place actually was. Once we got into the place we saw the casino which was lite up by tons of lights and music playing. Crowds of people were huddled together at tables and slot machines. We walked through the casino (very smart of them to place it there you know for advertising purposes) and toward the concert hall that was hosting the bands. As we headed toward our seats I mistakenly asked my friend if she wanted to buy a sweat shirt, she freaked out and got in line of course (shouldn’t have been surprised).

The only thing that was pleasurable about waiting in that line, was the fact that we met some really cool people that made the wait bearable. Once my friend got her stuff we went to our seats and watched the first act that was going on. I would tell you who they are but I honestly can’t remember. They honestly were pretty good, it’s not the type of music that I listen to but they knew how to put on a good show. Then there set list ended, which meant that MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) was coming up. My friend was jumping out of her seat because of how excited she was. I couldn’t stop laughing at her. After a little bit of a wait he finally came on.

We stood for the whole time taking pictures and videos of our concert experience. As we were watching the show he had decided at some point to take off his shirt (causing my friend to almost faint with excitement. Everyone was whooping and hollering, getting everyone really pumped up. At one point though he decided to jump off stage and give people high fives, running around the arena. My friend was taking a video at the time and I turn to her to see if she is about to book it down to the ground floor to get a high five. So as I turn my head to look at her, I just see her lock into place. She was so dazed by the surprise act that she and I quote, had an out of body experience and completely missed her moment.

Now I’m not really a concert person, it takes a lot for me to actually go to concerts. The only way to get me is if I really like the band or artist (which is rare), or you tell me you have a free ticket and need someone to go with. It’s usually the later because I don’t really follow artist I only follow music. Sad but true. So the only thing that is very apparent in my mind of that concert was that we stood for the whole time curtesy of my friend (She refused to let me sit down). As usual I just did what I do best I just bobbed my head to the music and pretended that I knew the lyrics.

Once MGK’s set was over we patiently waited for Fallout Boy. Now even though this is their tour my friend and me decided on a three song minimum, since we had a long trip back home and didn’t want to hit traffic. And as the show took off we realized that we were not leaving anytime soon. Now I thought that they were going to be playing all their new stuff since but nope Fallout Boy started all the way from the beginning of their fame. It was so good they had pyrotechnics, a big screen that would show clips that pertained to their songs. For example they had a song in “Big Hero 6” the Disney movie. As they played the song their were clips on the screen of the movie. I thought i was going to die it was so good.

Now as I said before I am not a die hard fan, but going to their concert made me realize that I knew a lot of their songs. I was so surprised how many of their songs I actually knew the lyrics to but damn I am defiantly a fan. I was very surprised how well Fallout Boy sneaks their influence on people. Needless to say our three song limit was trashed, and we stayed for about ten to twelve songs before we decided to head out.

Now I usually feel pretty bad going to concerts since I’m usually the one that doesn’t know the songs or more so than not the band. This time I actually did and I knew a lot of the songs yet still I felt so weird being their. The girl that was next to me knew all the songs, danced the whole time we were their. She practically knocked me over so many times from all her dance moves. Honestly I was really impressed by her enthusiasm.

As we headed home we were raving about the amazing time that we had at the concert. We both agreed that they defiantly knew how to put on a show.


-Make every moment an adventure

xoxo Kiki

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